Fremont Community Joint Zoning Ordinance

Table of Contents


Appendix 1 : Use Lists

The use groups listed below are applicable in the following districts:

  • Downtown Commercial District (C-1) – Form-based District
  • Urban Commercial District (C-2) – Form-based District
  • Estate Residential District (R-3) – Form-based District
  • Neighborhood Residential District (R-4) – Form-based District
  • Multiple Family District (R-MF) – Traditional District
  • Manufactured Home Park District (R-MHP) – Traditional District
  • Waterfront Overlay District (R-WO) – Traditional District
  • Institutional District (O-INS) – Traditional District
  • Industrial District (O-OND) – Traditional District
  • Mixed Use District (O-MU) – Form-based District

1. Automotive Oriented Business

  • Boat or recreation vehicle showrooms and sales lots
  • Commercial Mini-Storage
  • Drive through uses
  • Farm equipment
  • Gas stations/convenience stores
  • Large machine equipment
  • Lumber yards
  • New or used vehicle showrooms and sales lots
  • Truck and freight terminals (Only allowed in the Industrial District)
  • Vehicle rental establishments
  • Vehicle body and repair shops
  • Vehicle rental establishments (minor repairs)*

2. Educational

  • Private pre-school, elementary, middle and secondary school
  • College and university
  • Technical, vocational and trade school
  • Dormitory

3. Entertainment and Recreation

  • Aerobics and dance studio
  • Amusement parks, fairgrounds and flea markets (allowed in the Rural Commercial District)
  • Auditorium, concert hall and theatre
  • Banquet hall with catering (Special Use in Urban Commercial District)
  • Bed and Breakfast inn
  • Bowling alley, skating rink, pool & billiard hall
  • Catering
  • Convention center
  • Golf course, with or without alcohol, except adult cabaret
  • Health or athletic club
  • Hotel, including accessory commercial use
  • Ice cream and confectionary store
  • Indoor recreation facility such as bowling alley, skating rink, pool and billiard hall
  • Motel (Special Land Use in Urban Commercial District)
  • Night club
  • Outdoor recreation developments not otherwise specified
  • Sports and entertainment arena
  • Restaurant, with or without alcohol, except adult cabaret
  • Recreation facility, indoor (arcades, bowling alleys, etc.)
  • Sexually oriented businesses (Only allowed as a Special Use in the Urban Commercial District)
  • Sports and entertainment arena
  • Video Arcades

4. Financial, Medical and Professional Office and Related Services

  • Animal hospitals (Only allowed as a Special Land Use in the Urban Commercial District)
  • Artist/craft studio
  • Bank, credit union and financial services office
  • Computer and data-processing center
  • Contractor offices with a storage yard (Only allowed as a Special Land Use in the Urban Commercial District)
  • Employment agency
  • General and professional office
  • Mailing and stenographic service, courier service
  • Medical and dental office or clinic
  • Photocopying, printing, publishing, lithographing and duplicating service
  • Post office, parcel receiving station (private)
  • Radio and television studio and office
  • Research institution
  • Stock brokerage, insurance or real estate agency
  • Travel agency and airline ticket agent

5. Government and Institutional

  • Court or courthouse
  • Community center and recreation center
  • Funeral homes and mortuary establishments (Special Land Use in Urban Commercial District)
  • Government services or offices
  • Library
  • Medical center, including hospital, rehabilitation center and clinic, and administrative offices
  • Municipal Services (In Urban Commercial District)
  • Museum
  • Park, plaza, square, playground, walkway and similar uses
  • Police station and firehouse
  • Religious institution, including church, temple, synagogue, mosque, parish house, convent and mission
  • Social, fraternal and service organization, including athletic and social clubs, literary association, youth association

6. Industrial

  • Above ground storage of flammable liquids
  • Bakery, wholesale (over 8,000 sq. ft.)
  • Breweries (over 8,000 sq. ft.)
  • Building material suppliers and offices and showrooms of contractors, decorators or similar trades
  • Industrial laundry
  • Industrial plants: manufacturing, compounding, processing, packaging, treating, or assembling materials or products from previously prepared materials including textiles, apparel, paper, pharmaceuticals, glass, pottery, fabricated metal products, except heavy machinery
  • Metal and wood stripping establishments
  • Monument and art stone productions operations
  • Printing and publishing plants
  • Recycling of household and similar materials, such as paper, cardboard, glass, metal cans, etc.
  • Scrap metal recycling, not including vehicle recycling
  • Truck or freight terminal or transfer station (Allowed in Industrial District only)
  • Vehicle repair facilities (major)
  • Wholesale and warehousing, including commercial storage warehousing
  • Wholesale trade business without the storage of flammable liquids
  • Wood processing facilities (major)

7. Personal Services (A commercial business conducting services that are performed primarily on the premises.)

  • Barber and beauty shop
  • Photography studio, photo-finishing service
  • Tailor, dry-cleaning drop-off/pick-up station, coin-operated laundry
  • Tanning salon, tattoo service
  • Shoe repair shop and shoeshine parlor

8. Residential (A single or multiple number of dwelling units, each such dwelling unit containing separate areas for living, sleeping, cooking and sanitary accommodations for occupancy by a family.)

  • Attached single-family
  • Bed and breakfast home
  • Detached single family
  • Home occupations (accessory use)
  • Multiple-family
  • Rooming house and boardinghouse
  • Senior housing
  • Two family
  • Upper story residential
  • Community garden

9. Residential Care

  • Adult foster care family home
  • Adult foster care group home (large or small)
  • Charity, relief, benevolent, philanthropic or other eleemosynary function
  • Day care center (commercial) (Special Use in Urban Commercial District)
  • Family day care home
  • Group day care home
  • Hospice Residence
  • Nursing/convalescent home (Allowed in the Mixed-Use District and the Multi-family District only)

10. Retail Sales (The use of property in connection with or for the purchase, sale, barter, display or exchange of goods, wares, merchandise or personal services and the maintenance or operation thereof of offices, or recreational or amusement enterprises for more than fourteen (14) days in any calendar month.)

  • Antique and second hand store, except pawn shop
  • Apparel and accessory store
  • Appliance sales and repair
  • Auction house (Special Land Use in the Urban Commercial District and the Rural Commercial District)
  • Bakery, retail (under 8,000 sq. ft.)
  • Book shop and newsstand
  • Consumer electronic store
  • Convenience, grocery and packaged-goods store with or without liquor
  • Dance Studios (Only allowed in the Downtown Commercial District)
  • Department and variety store
  • Florist
  • Furniture, home furnishings and hardware store
  • Hobby, toy and camera store; art and photographic supply store
  • Liquor stores
  • Office supply store
  • Pawn shops (Only allowed in the Urban Commercial District)
  • Pharmacy, medical equipment sales or rental
  • Micro-brewery (under 8,000 sq. ft.) (Only allowed as a Special Land Use in the Urban Commercial District)
  • Sporting goods store and bicycle shop
  • Stationery, gift and jewelry store
  • Video rental and sales

11. Utility

  • Electrical substation, communications switch facilities, central heating and cooling plant
  • Off street parking
  • Off street surface parking in connection with an existing use
  • Transit center, train and bus station
  • Commercial wireless telecommunication towers and antennas

Appendix 2: Limitations to Agrigultural Use

Appendix 3: Chart On Site Plan Submittal Requirements

A general location sketch showing at minimum, properties, streets and use of land within five hundred (500) feet of the area
Legal description of the subject property
The date, north arrow and scale.
Name and address of the property owner or petitioner.
Name and address of the person and/or firm who drafted the plan and the date on which the plan was prepared.
Existing zoning and use of all properties abutting the subject property.
All buildings, parking and driveways within 100 feet of all property lines
Narrative: Shown on the site plan or submitted separately, describing in general terms: The overall objectives of the proposed development.
Size (in acres) of the subject property and approximate number of acres allocated to each proposed use and gross area in building, structures, parking, public streets and drives, and open space.
Dwelling unit densities by type, if applicable
Proposed method of providing sewer and water service, as well as other public and private utilities.
Proposed method of providing storm drainage.
Preliminary Site Plan Requirements Check-off
Property lines and approximate dimensions.
Existing adjacent streets and proposed streets.
Parking lots and access points.
Proposed buffer strips or screening.
Significant natural features; and other natural characteristics, including but not limited to open space, wetlands, stands of trees, brooks, ponds, floodplains, hills, slopes of over 15%, and similar natural assets or hazards.
Any signs not attached to the building(s).
General topographical features at contour intervals no greater than 5 feet.
Existing and proposed uses, buildings and structures.
Final Site Plan Requirements Check-off
Seal, name and firm address of the professional individual responsible for the preparation of the site plan.
Property lines and required setbacks shown and dimensioned.
Dimensions of all existing and proposed structures on the subject property including dwelling unit densities by type, if applicable.
Size and location of existing and proposed utilities, including any proposed connections to public, or private community sewer or water supply systems.
All existing and proposed drives (including dimensions and radii), acceleration/deceleration lanes, sidewalks, signs, exterior lighting, curbing, parking areas (including the dimensions of a typical parking space and the total number of parking spaces to be provided), fire lanes and unloading areas.
Pavement width and right-of-way width of all roads, streets and access easements within 100 feet of the subject property.
Location and size of all surface water drainage facilities.
Location of all solid waste disposal facilities, including recycling, and screening.
Location and specifications for existing or proposed outside, above or below ground storage facilities for hazardous materials.
All existing vegetation and the location, type and size of all proposed landscaping, and the location, height and type of existing and proposed fences and walls.
Recreation areas, common use areas, flood plain areas and areas to be conveyed for public use and purpose.
Exterior lighting showing area of illumination and indicating the type and height of fixture to be used.
Elevation of drawings of proposed buildings.