Fremont Community Joint Zoning Ordinance

Table of Contents

Chapter 6: Residential Districts

Article 6: Manufactured Home Park District (R-MHP)

Type of District: Traditional

Section 6-6.01: Purpose

A new Manufactured Home Park District may be established by amendments to the official zoning in accordance with the procedures, requirements, and limitations set forth in the Zoning Act and this Ordinance. Manufactured home communities, with accessory uses permitted in this section, may be established and shall be operated subject to the requirements and imitations set forth in the Manufactured Home Commission Act, (MCL 125.2301 et seq., MSA 19.855(101) et seq.), rules promulgated by the State Manufactured Home Commission and this Ordinance.

Section 6-6.02 : Uses


It is intended that the uses permitted within a Manufactured Home Community District be located, designed and improved as to provide a desirable residential environment, protection from potentially adverse neighboring influences, protection for adjacent properties, access for vehicular traffic without traversing local streets in adjoining residential neighborhoods, and accessibility to public facilities, places of employment and facilities for meeting commercial and service needs equivalent to that of other forms of residential development.

UsesManufactured Home Park District
Uses Uses By Right Development Requirements
Residential Manufactured home parks Home occupations See Chapter 3 “General Provisions”
Government & Institutional Park, plaza, square, playground, walkway and similar uses
Financial, Medical and Professional Office and Related Services Office for manufactured home park Shall not exceed 1,500 sq. ft. GFA|
Personal Service Coin operated laundry Intended to serve only persons residing within the development and are designed, located and improved so as to protect the character of the community and the surrounding neighborhood.
Retail Sales Convenience retail Shall not exceed 3,000 sq. ft. UFA.
Shall have no signs or advertising visible form adjacent public streets.
Shall have a minimum site area of 10,000 sq. ft.

Section 6-6.03: Development Requirements

All manufactured home park developments shall comply with the applicable requirements of Public Act No. 96 of 1987 (MCL 125.2301 et seq., MSA 19.855(101) et seq.) and the rules promulgated by the State Manufactured Home Commission.

Site Feature Entire MHP Site Dwelling Unit Requirements Other Uses Within Park
Minimum Site Area 10 acres 3,500 sq. ft. 2,000 sq. ft.
Front Yard Setback 50 ft. 5 ft. 20 ft.
Side Yard Setback 25 ft. 15 ft. 20 ft.
Rear Yard Setback 25 ft. 15 ft. 20 ft.
Height 15 ft. 25 ft.
Minimum floor area 720 sq. ft. per unit

Open Space

At least 10% of the total MHP area shall be preserved as contiguous open space. The contiguous open space may be located anywhere within the MPH but shall not be located on the perimeter of the site.

Section 6-6.04: Accessory Provisions


See Chapter 2 “Definitions” and Chapter 3 “General Provisions”

Signs Development Requirement
Development Identification One sign, not to exceed 50 sq. ft., and 6 ft. in height is permitted. The sign shall be set back from the public right-of-way by at least 5 ft.
Wall Wall signs for nonresidential buildings shall not exceed 20% of the wall area to which it is attached with a maximum of 20 sq. ft. No other wall signs are permitted.
Real Estate One sign per dwelling unit is permitted not exceeding 6 sq. ft. in area.
Political One sign per issue or candidate not exceeding 6 sq. ft. in area.


See Chapter 3 “General Provisions”

ParkingDevelopment Requirement
Location Off-street parking shall be located at least 40 ft. from any public right-of-way.
Number Use
Retail Sales 1 space per 500 sq. ft. of UFA
Personal Service 1 spaces per 300 sq. ft. of UFA
Office 2 spaces per dwelling unit
Residential 1 space per each 5 home sites
Visitor Parking 1 space per each 5 home sites
Government and Institutional 1 space per 3 persons by seating capacity in the largest assembly area; if no assembly area, 2 spaces per 1,000 sq. ft. UFA

Streets and Sidewalks

Streets & SidewalksRequired Street WidthOther Requirements
With no on-street parking One way 20 ft. All streets within the manufactured home park shall be of bituminous aggregate or similar surface.
Two way 20 ft.
Parallel parking on one side of street One way 30 ft. Each manufactured home park site shall have direct access to a primary, all season, road.
Two way 26 ft.
Parallel parking on both sides of street One way 36 ft. Each lot shall front on sidewalks at least 5 ft. in width, located directly next to and parallel to the street.
Two way 36 ft.

Landscaping / Screening

See Chapter 3 “General Provisions” for General Requirements

Street Trees (MHP internal streets) One 2 ½ inch caliper street tree shall be provided and located at each 30 foot interval of street frontage. Street trees may be located at 40 foot intervals if they are 4 inches or greater caliper at planting. Spacing may be varied for individual site conditions provided the minimum number of trees is provided.
Street trees may be located at 40 foot intervals if they are 4 inches or greater caliper at planting.
Dwelling Unit Sites At least one shade tree shall be provided for every 2 lots. Trees shall be located to provide shade for manufactured home park sites.
Parking Areas In order to enclose the portion of the parking exposed to view of public streets, parking lots visible from a public street or adjacent residential districts shall be screened by a decorative masonry wall no greater than 3 ft. high, constructed at the edge of the parking area facing the street or district. Landscaping of the same height (at planting) may be used if it screens the parking area with at least 75% opacity.
Screening Exterior trash disposal areas/equipment shall be enclosed by brick, decorative concrete, or a material that matches the material of the main building. The enclosure shall be a minimum of 6 ft. high, with 3 sides with a gate on the fourth side.


See Chapter 3 “General Provisions” for General Requirements

Lighting Lighting shall be provided by proper posts or overhead lamps to provide adequate lighting for all streets within the manufactured home park and at entries to the park site.
For pole lighting within parking areas, light fixtures shall not exceed a height of 15 ft.
Building, wall, and pole exterior lighting fixtures shall be directed downward in order to reduce glare onto adjacent properties and streets. Any fixtures or structures used in relation to lighting shall be architecturally compatible with the remainder of the structure.
All outdoor lighting used to light the general area of a specific site shall be shielded to reduce glare and shall be arranged to reflect lights away from all adjacent Residential Districts or uses.
Light shall not exceed more then 0.5 footcandles at a residential District or use property line. Light shall not exceed more than 1.5 footcandles at a non-residential property line.
Utilities All utilities shall be underground.