Fremont Community Joint Zoning Ordinance

Table of Contents

Chapter 6: Residential Districts

Article 8: Waterfront Overlay District (R-WO)

Type of District: Overlay

Section 6-8.01: Purpose and Intent

Applicability: The requirements of this District apply to any lot or parcel having any lot frontage on Fremont Lake within the City.

The Waterfront Overlay District is a supplementary District which applies to designated lands, as shown on the Zoning Map and as described in this Chapter, simultaneously with any of the other Zoning Districts established in this Ordinance, hereinafter referred to as the “underlying” district. Lands included in the Waterfront Overlay District are all such lands located along waterfront and shoreline areas characterized by uses which are strongly oriented toward residential and recreational experience and enjoyment of surface waters.

It is the intent of the Waterfront Overlay District to provide regulations in addition to those contained in the underlying Zoning District pertaining to lands located along the waterfront and shoreline areas. The purpose of these regulations is to recognize the unique physical, economic and social attributes of waterfront and shoreline properties and to ensure that the structures and uses in this District are compatible with and protect these unique attributes. Where specific requirements of the Waterfront Overlay District vary or conflict with the regulations contained in the underlying zoning district, the stricter requirement shall govern.

Section 6-8.02: Uses

UsesUses Permitted by RightUse Restrictions and RequirementsSpecial Land UsesUses Not PermittedUse Restrictions and Requirements
Uses allowed in the underlying District, except as listed in this Section Any residential or residential care use permitted by right in the underlying District As required in the underlying District Any use allowed as a Special Land Use in the underlying District, except as listed to the right Two-family As required in the underlying District
Senior housing
Financial, Medical and Professional Office and Related Services
Commercial boat launching and/or docking facilities
Seasonal lodging, including an accessory restaurant, with or without outdoor seating Restaurant areas shall be limited to 2,500 square feet UFA, including outdoor seating

Section 6-8.03: Site and Building Placement

Development Requirements

Front Yard Setback:

  • The waterfront side of the lot shall be considered a front yard.
  • All buildings shall maintain a minimum setback of 25 ft. from the right-of-way line or the shoreline

Rear Yard Setback: 15 ft.

Side Yard Setback: 5 ft.

Minimum Lot Area: 3,500 sq. ft.

Minimum Lot Width: 50 ft.

Maximum Lot Coverage: 60%

Section 6-8.04: Building Elements

As required in the underlying District.

Section 6-8.05: Accessory Provisions

As permitted in the underlying District; however, an accessory garage may be located in the non-required front yard.

A property with frontage on the waterfront may have a dock and/or a boat launching facility for use only by the owner or lessee of the parcel. A parcel shall not be used to provide access to non-waterfront lots (keyholing); however, a lot on the lakefront that does not contain a principal use may be used for lake access by a lot separated from the lakefront lot only by a street and directly across therefrom, provided that both lots are under the same ownership.