Fremont Community Joint Zoning Ordinance

Table of Contents

Chapter 7: Other Districts

Article 6: Work/Live Overlay District (O-WL)

Type of District: Overlay

Section 7-6.01: Purpose and Intent

To provide for the development of new structures, or the rehabilitation of existing buildings, that will incorporate both living and working spaces but primarily function as working spaces, the Work/Live Overlay District is created. It is the intent of this District that for any structure the commercial activity shall be the primary focus and presentation of the property in accordance with the underlying district, and the residential use, if any, a secondary, accessory aspect. This overlay district is intended to enhance flexibility in the design of new structures or the reuse of existing structures while preserving the commercial character of the base district(s), promote new business start-ups, assist in revitalizing the downtown commercial area, serve as a buffer between more intensive commercial uses and purely residential uses, and provide an ecologically sound alternative to vehicle-driven sprawl.

Section 7-6.02: Applicability

Work/Live units are permitted by right provided they comply with all standards applicable below, and lie within the area delineated on the Joint Zoning Map as encompassing the Downtown Commercial (C-1) District and the immediately adjacent areas designated Mixed Use (O-MU) District only. This area is centered on the Main Street/Division intersection and is currently bounded by the streets of Maple to the south, Dayton to the north, Weaver to the west, and Darling to the east.

Section 7-6.03: Standards

  1. Any commercial use permitted in the underlying district applicable to the property involved is permitted in the Work/Live unit.
  2. Where the structure is two stories or more, residential uses shall be confined to the upper floor(s).
  3. Where permitted, structures housing Work/Live units are subject to the development standards for commercial structures of the underlying district, with the following exceptions:
    1. First story street facades shall be not less than eighty percent (80%) representative of the commercial usage.
    2. Work/Live units in excess of 2,000 square feet must have at least two exits.
    3. Living areas within each Work/Live unit shall be a minimum of 400 square feet, but in any case shall not exceed one-third of the total floor area of the unit.
    4. Where allowed, residential building and trades codes standards shall apply to that portion of the Work/Live unit used for residential purposes, rather than commercial code standards.
  4. Parking requirements for Work/Live units with less than 800 square feet of living area shall be one space maximum, plus the appropriate number of spaces for the type and size of associated commercial usage, not including the occupant(s) or area of the living space. Public lot space may be used as well as on-street parking, where available, to meet the required minimum number of parking spaces, but a parking special assessment may be levied by the City if public spaces are utilized.
  5. Signage shall comply with the standards of the underlying district and the general sign regulations of this Ordinance.